White Houses
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Who is Vanessa Carlton?

If you've ever listened to the radio, you've heard "A Thousand Miles". You know you couldn't escape that song, but it's not like you really wanted to anyway. The proverbial anthem of 2002, it was just one of the hits on Vanessa's debut album, Be not Nobody. "A Thousand Miles" was the most played song for five weeks leading her album to debut at #5 on the charts. That following year, she was nominated for 3 Grammys for "A Thousand Miles."

Vanessa is also an inspiration to many young people. In a world of pre-packaged pop, Vanessa was one of the first of the new wave to write and perform her own songs. Many NESSAholics have begun tickling those ivories and writing their own songs because of Vanessa and her music. Vanessa has a talent for combining honesty, straightforwardness, and poetry in her songs, and making it work beautifully; she is truly unique.

Vanessa's sophomore album, Harmonium, promises to be full of more incredible music. The lead single, "White Houses", which is already climbing up the charts, is the inspiration for this project. Harmonium will arrive in stores on November 9, 2004.

To learn more about this amazing artist, head to her official site: www.vanessacarlton.com

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