White Houses
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Building White Houses

After an almost two year wait, Vanessa has released an incredible new single! We at A Thousand Roses have decided to launch a new project in order to celebrate her new song, "White Houses." Our goal is simple: to raise money for donation to Habitat for Humanity. We need YOUR help to be successful!

The project begins November 9th, 2004 and will officially end on December 31st, 2005. This is a challenging, but rewarding, project for all NESSAholics and we will need everybody's help.

In the coming months, we'd like to raise at least $2,500 towards a new house. Of course, there's never anything wrong with exceeding that goal! Wink

Remember, every dollar counts! If every NESSAholics gave only $1 dollar, we'd be well past the goal of $2500. Building a home is expensive (a breakdown of costs is available on the "About" page), but the cost is more than worth it when you consider what an amazing gift if being given to someone.

Please browse around the site to find out more information or to make a donation.

Thank you so much!

We have promotional material for you to use to help spread the word about this project.

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